How Jeff & MacKenzie Bezos Became Permanent Free Members on Sugar Daddy Site

After Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos’s divorce in 2019, both of them have received permanent free memberships on the world's biggest sugar daddy dating site Seeking Arrangement, according to Seeking TV.

Jeff & MacKenzie Bezos

  • Jeff Bezos has become the most eligible sugar daddy in the world. As one of the richest men on the planet, Jeff Bezos certainly knows how to get rich and how to stay rich. Better still, he knows how to enjoy life by having an affair that makes him happy. According to MSN news, Jeff Bezos possibly started dating Lauren Sanchez before breaking up with MacKenzie Bezos. Jeff Benzos has taken Lauren to exotic places for vacations on his $65 million private jet. Obviously, Jeff Benzos is indeed a very generous sugar daddy. By the way, do you know that Lauren Sanchez 49 years old? Yes, you can be a sugar baby at any age as long as you've found the right sugar daddy! Further examination reveals that Lauren looks very sexy, alluring and attractive - she is slim and hot! Clearly, a successful sugar baby's attractiveness is more important than her age.
  • MacKenzie Bezos can be the world's best sugar momma. MacKenzie is tall, pretty and youthful. Her beautiful smile is as gorgeous as the sunshine in California - that's where she was born. Also, she is a novelist with intelligence and a pleasant personality, so of course, she is a very good catch! After the divorce, she has become one of the richest women in the world instantly. That's why the breakup was friendly and warm. Since Seeking Arrangement is also for male sugar babies to look for sugar mommas, Brandon Wade, CEO of Seeking Arrangement, has given both Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos life-time free memberships on!
  • What does this mean to sugar babies? As I see it, this means there are many celebrities and high-profile sugar daddies on reliable sugar daddy dating sites such as Seeking Arrangement. Indeed, it is said that CEOs of well-known companies, famous politicians and A-list movie stars have joined sugar daddy dating websites already. That's totally understandable because if these people look for sugar babies in their social circle, chances are their affairs will be exposed online and offline. And that’s not a desirable outcome for these high-profile rich men. But if they join a sugar daddy website, their privacy is protected very well - nobody in their social circle knows they are looking for sugar babies. Therefore, they can get what they want and establish mutually beneficial relationships with younger, hotter sugar babies in record time. Please note that the majority of sugar daddies would like to keep their arrangements confidential because high-profile people don't want to draw attention to their private lives. Furthermore, it is reported that 40% of male members on sugar daddy dating websites are married men - how many rich men are actually single anyway? As a result, these men don't want to let others know they are into No-Strings-Attached (NSA) relationships with glamorous sugar babies. Having said that, when a rich man is having an affair, usually in the back of his mind, he knows that his marriage is in danger. That also means he doesn't care about his marriage as much as he says. Hence, if you are an ambitious sugar baby who would like to marry a sugar daddy, chances are one of these rich guys will want to divorce his wife and marry you.

In summary, as seriously rich men and women are joining luxury dating sites, more and more sugar babies have the opportunity to meet high-profile, high-quality sugar daddies and sugar mommas now.