How to Get a Sugar Daddy to Give You Money

Sugar daddies are rich and successful men. Most wealthy men aren't stupid, so they know how to manage their money well. When it comes to dating a sugar daddy, do you know how to get him to give you money? Well, this is definitely a question that every sugar baby has asked herself.

Get Money from Sugar Daddy

  • Provide real value for your sugar daddy. In order to get financial assistance from a sugar daddy, you must offer good value. Once he knows you can add value to his life, he will make you happy by giving you what you want as long as he is a real sugar daddy (not a salt daddy). There are many ways to provide great value for a sugar daddy: First of all, you can make him satisfied in the bedroom and help him realize all his fantasies and dreams. In the second place, you can allow him to confide in you and tell you all his dirty secrets. This is a very therapeutic process for a sophisticated and mature man. Last but not least, you can give him fun experiences in life, including having intelligent conversations with him, being his arm candy at parties and dinners and travelling with him overseas.
  • Negotiate with your sugar daddy when the time is right. There are two best times to negotiate with a rich man: 1) At the very beginning of your arrangement, you should talk about terms and conditions, including allowance that he should give you regularly. This gives your arrangement the right foundation to start with. 2) When a sugar daddy is in a good mood, it's definitely a right time to ask for money from him. You can use your sweet, soft and gentle voice to say to him, "Could you please help me with paying my bills?" Who can resist a charming lady like that? Of course, he wants to help you and make himself feel like a hero.
  • Think outside the box. An arrangement gives a sugar baby so much more than money. That means his contribution to your life doesn't have to be cash. He can also give you financial assistance in other ways that will benefit you in the long term. For instance, you ask him to buy you high-end shoes, bags and clothes as a reward after you have made him happy. An even better idea is to ask your sugar daddy to help you find a perfect job which pays you well and doesn't require your effort. For instance, maybe you can become your sugar daddy's assistant in his company, which gives him easy access to you and you will definitely be paid well due to your contribution to his personal life and his career. Also, it's much easier to ask for a high salary during pillow talk than during a job interview. Surely, if you want him to consider this option, you must let him know that you are a reliable sugar baby who can keep things confidential, which means he needs to know that nobody else in his company will know this arrangement. If you really become a staff member in his company, you must know how to look professional at work so that no one will question what you are really doing there! The best part of this approach is: When you have access to his career resources and connections, you need to meet other rich men gradually and convert them as well. You don't necessarily have to sleep with other powerful men. Remember: having some influential male friends won't hurt because they can give you more opportunities to make more money!

Do you like these tips? Don't forget to implement them immediately once you've found a sugar daddy who wants to spoil you and make you satisfied.