SeekingArrangement Review

Seeking ArrangementSeekingArrangement is the best sugar daddy dating site in the world, as evidenced by its high-profile media coverage everywhere. This sugar dating website has been featured on mainstream TV since its inception in 2006. Now Seeking Arrangement has users in 139 countries worldwide. Members have many languages to choose from on the site, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Chinese (simplified) and Chinese (traditional), even though SeekingArrangement app isn't available in Mainland China.


  • Create a profile with photos for free.
  • Describe the arrangement you want in the dating profile.
  • A member can hide their profile temporarily if they want.
  • Private photos are welcome: A user can upload private photos and only allow certain users to view these photos.
  • Black list: A member is able to block certain members (e.g. you've discovered that somebody you know is also on SeekingArrangement). Once that member is blocked, they can't see you on the site.
  • Favorites list: Add other members to this list and show your interest in them.
  • View a member's last online time.
  • Income verification: A sugar daddy can get his profile verified by SeekingArrangement.
  • Budget: There are six categories in dating profiles - high, substantial, moderate, practical, minimal and negotiable. A member can search in the database based on the budget they are looking for, i.e. financial help offered/needed.
  • Security: SeekingArrangement takes the website's safety very seriously. If someone uploads a fake photo (a picture downloaded from the Internet), SeekingArrangement will always find it out. This may result in profile suspension permanently.
  • What I am looking for: A member can specify the exact relationship they want - romance, emotional connection, friends with benefits, sugar newbie, flexible schedule, and so forth.
  • SA Blog: This is where members can learn tons of sugar dating advice.


  • 1-month membership: $89.95 per month
  • 3-month membership: $79.95 per month
  • 6-month membership: $69.95 per month

University students can join Seeking Arrangement for free: As long as an email address includes ".edu" in it, the profile is not only 100% free to enjoy all premium features, but also promoted by the site automatically, which means this profile appears in top position in search results. However, university students in the UK don’t have email addresses with ".edu"; therefore, these students must contact Seeking Arrangement and explain the situation before joining the site.


Seeking Arrangement has the most candid members who are open to anything possible (budget, expectation, etc.)

Unlike some sugar daddy dating sites which only have members in big cities in the United States, Seeking Arrangement has members all over the world. Even if a member lives in a small city in Europe, they can still find sugar daddies/sugar babies near them.

Annual sugar babies' summit is held in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles and London. Every summit has many speeches delivered by sugar dating experts who specialize in relationships, finance and fashion. If a sugar baby is unwilling to travel to these big cities just to attend the summit, she can always access online summit at home.

Independent forum and blogs: members have access to an independent forum with blogs which can help users find arrangements online or via freestyle. Unlimited inspiration from thousands of high-profile sugar daddies and experienced sugar babies every day.

Sugar mommas and gay sugar daddies are also active on SeekingArrangement!

Prostitution is banned on this site. Although SeekingArrangement is a sugar daddy dating site, they actually expect their members to look for genuine connections which also include the money aspect. Very down-to-earth.


  • The majority of its features are only available to premium members, so free members have limited access to most functionalities.


SeekingArrangement has no personality question to ask any member because it's not a traditional dating site which bores users with a long list of personality questions. It is the ideal place for politicians, celebrities and successful entrepreneurs to meet young, beautiful and sexy ladies. As its founder famously said, "Love is a concept invented by poor people", it is clear that poor men can only use "love" to keep their women because that doesn't cost money, whereas smart women know how to look after themselves by joining Seeking Arrangement.

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