What is a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Daddy Dating

You may wonder what a sugar daddy means if you are new to the concept of sugar daddy dating. Welcome to the sugar bowl where you'll find endless opportunities and possibilities that will make your life hotter, better and sweeter!

What is a Sugar Daddy

  • A sugar daddy is a rich man who is happy to spoil a sugar baby, i.e. a beautiful and attractive woman. Sugar daddies are successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners, doctors, lawyers, and so on. They want to date sexy and gorgeous ladies who are intelligent and youthful. Because sugar babies make sugar daddies happy, these wealthy men spoil their sugar babies by paying their tuition fees (if their sugar babies are university students), taking them overseas for exotic vacations, buying them new clothes, shoes and bags & some even buy sugar babies cars and houses. Sugar daddies are mature and experienced men, so they not only can provide for sugar babies financially, but also can give sugar babies guidance, mentorship, career advice and business support/investment.
  • How old is a regular sugar daddy? Usually, a sugar daddy is a mature man because he has already achieved a lot in his life and career. But that doesn’t necessarily mean sugar daddies are old men. On most sugar daddy dating sites, the average age of male members is 35 years old - that's the best age of high-value men because men peak in every way when they are 35 years of age.
  • How rich is a sugar daddy? In order to become a sugar daddy, he has to be reasonably wealthy, which means his annual income can’t be lower than $100,000. In fact, most sugar daddies' annual income is much higher than that. There are many sugar daddies whose annual income is over one million. You'll meet multi-millionaires and even billionaires on sugar daddy dating websites. Actually, many famous politicians and elite leaders of well-known companies have joined sugar daddy dating sites, according to the news.
  • What is sugar daddy dating? Sugar daddy dating isn't the average dating that is known to the traditional society. Traditionally, dating means you are looking for a permanent partner to get married. But in the sugar bowl, sugar daddy dating means you are happy to make your sugar daddy happy, so that he will spoil you in the right way! That being said, it doesn't always mean you have to sleep with a sugar daddy in order to receive allowance from him. Platonic arrangements are actually much more common than you think because many sugar daddies are looking for arm candies that can attend parties and functions with them in order to make themselves look good. You'll be surprised to know that some sugar daddies only want to have intelligent conversations with hot women - and that can become arrangements, too. But of course, most of the time, sexual relationships are the standard practice in the sugar bowl.

Are you ready for the sugar bowl? Let's explore the beauty of mutually beneficial relationships (AKA arrangements) together! Watch this space, as we'll share more tips and insights into sugar daddy dating with you soon.