WhatsYourPrice Review

Whats Your PriceWhatsYourPrice has revolutionized the entire sugar daddy dating scene in the world, as sugar babies can join this site for free and sugar daddies don't have to buy premium subscriptions. A candid price tag is put on each date, so generous members and beautiful members can meet each other in an honest way. Sugar daddies and sugar babies probably wouldn't find another site that can compete with WhatsYourPrice!


  • Users can join Whats Your Price for free and send offers.
  • Real members only: Background verification makes WhatsYourPrice the best sugar baby dating site; camera verification guarantees real profiles - Whats Your Price wants to know you are a real person rather than a scammer.
  • Wink: a sugar daddy sends a wink to a sugar baby, so the sugar baby can respond with a price quote. The sugar daddy can decide whether he wants to accept the quote or not. When the quote is accepted, these two users can contact each other and have a date.
  • Optional premium membership: If a user wants to promote their profile in search results, they can buy credits to upgrade their membership (from free membership to premium membership).
  • Sugar babies who study at university can have free accounts on WhatsYourPrice, as university students are young, intelligent and attractive at the same time. To prove that a member is a university student, she must use an email address with ".edu" in it while creating her profile. If a sugar baby is a university student in the UK or Finland, she has to contact Whats Your Price first before creating a profile because most universities in the UK and Finland don’t have ".edu." in their email addresses. Please note that if you use a university email address to sign up, WhatsYourPrice will regularly contact you by sending emails to your university email address. So if you don't follow certain instructions in these emails to confirm you are still a university student, your profile will be deactivated.
  • Profile verification: You can add a photo to your profile. Every profile is manually checked by the site before making it public. In other words, WhatsYourPrice chooses their members, too.

Pricing and how credits work:

  • Offers under $200 can be made by any free member.
  • 100 Credit Package: $50.
  • 450 Credit Package: $150 (33.3% off discount).
  • 1,000 Credit Package: $250 (50% off discount).
  • Sugar babies who have bought credits can make bids proactively rather than wait until sugar daddies send them offers.
  • The minimum price for one date is $5.
  • To unlock an offer under $50, a member has to use 10 credits.
  • Offers over $200 require a member to have enough credits.


  • The first date is always guaranteed. If a user can't get at least 5 dates, WhatsYourPrice.com will give them 1000 credits for free so that they can continue this journey. This is also known as "The Guarantee Package".
  • The Qualifying Offer: This offer has to be somewhere between $50 and $200. Once a member has received a "Guarantee Package", they should use the free credits within two days, i.e. this user needs to send a “Qualifying Message” and organize a date.
  • All winks are free. Users can send unlimited messages to unlocked members.
  • Very comprehensive search criteria: The search filter on WhatsYourPrice is very advanced. A member can choose their location, height, education, photos, common interests, and so on.
  • A user can see the last login time of a favorite member.
  • A user can hide their own profile from someone who might be stalking them.
  • Privacy protection: WhatsYourPrice.com doesn't use members' information anywhere else without members' written consent. Other profile safety options are available, too.
  • Customer care: Users can contact What’s Your Price via email any time.


  • Although getting a first date is easy, it can be hard for a sugar daddy to get a second date with the same sugar baby because some women simply want to move on. This is especially true if this sugar daddy doesn't offer a higher price for the date.
  • Though sometimes a sugar baby really wants to keep seeing the same sugar daddy, many men want to play the field and don't want to see the same sugar baby again.


WhatsYourPrice is the only sugar daddy dating site which has way more pros than cons. Generous Members and Attractive Members can meet each other easily on this website. After the first date, they can decide where they want to go, so it's not surprising to know that some members have established long-term arrangements or relationships as well. If a sugar baby doesn't want to do baby-sitting jobs at night, she should totally join WhatsYourPrice because payment is guaranteed.

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